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Robot Alex

1.5% / day

Designed to work with currency and cryptocurrency markets. It is programmed for various asset management methods that allows you to conduct successful trading using various strategies. Not greedy, not inferior, does not "sit out." He calmly closes losses before they become large, and quickly opens a new deal, for earning profit as soon as possible. Works with more than 20 exchanges.

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Min deposit amount 10$ Max deposit amount 800$Duration 35 daysTotal profit 52.5% Accruals Daily Reinvest YESWithdrawal fee NO Return of deposit At the end

Robot Rodney

2%/ day

Programmed to trade in stock markets. It has more extensive tools for analyzing and scanning markets. Is attentive to all the factors of trade, similar to Alex, although the fact, that working with stock markets is slightly different in speed of operations and volume of transactions, is worth noting. Just like his brother, he is devoid of all illusions and emotions regarding the market, and therefore will not make mistakes.

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Min deposit amount 800$ Max deposit amount 2000$ Duration 30 days Total profit 60%Accruals DailyReinvest YESWithdrawal feeNO Return of deposit At the end

Robot Smith

2.8%/ day

Responsible for traffic arbitration. Automation and accuracy are the main advantages of this robot. As a result, the speed and coverage are much higher, in comparison with the usual tools for promotion. Internal settings, anti-blocking and anti-spam functions allows us to show the unique results.

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Min deposit amount 2000$ Max deposit amount 4000$ Duration 25 days Total profit 70% Accruals Daily Reinvest YESWithdrawal fee NO Return of deposit At the end

Robot Leon

3.7%/ day

Whose main function is the analysis of various betting shops to detect "forks" - situations where the difference in the coefficients of different betting shops for the same event allows us, choosing the right bet amounts, with no risk to make a profit at any outcome of the match. Expanding the boundaries of analysis using artificial intelligence, full automation and the use of strict mathematical algorithms allow the company to receive regular guaranteed profits.

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Min deposit amount 4000$ Max deposit amount 8000$ Duration 20 days Total profit 74% Accruals Daily Reinvest YESWithdrawal fee NO Return of deposit At the end

Robot Bishop

4.5%/ day

It analyzes the operation of online casinos and, guided by built-in algorithms, updated with memory and mathematical strategies, uses the collected data to play roulette and blackjack card games. The lack of emotions and cold calculation allow us to minimize risks. An accurate and responsive setup and debugging system allows you to integrate into any online gaming platforms and bypass the protection and blocking system of any casino.

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Min deposit amount 8000$ Max deposit amount 25 000$ Duration 15 daysTotal profit 67.5% Accruals At the endReinvest NOWithdrawal fee NOReturn of deposit and %At the end





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